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Support your local filmmakers

Associates of Molli Benson have written, directed, and acted in independent film and webseries in cities across the USA. Here are some trailers and promos for those projects.

Trailer for An American Ghost Story

Trailer for Phoenix Finest in Blue

Trailer for Working Class Hero

Teaser Trailer for I Am Monroe?

Trailer for Speak No Evil

Trailer for The Big Kiss Off

Trailer for Under the Western Sun

Teaser trailer for Draw the Line

Trailer for Reco

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Actors at work

clapperboard and script

Click here to see interviews and premiere videos of actors at work across the USA

Promos and Trailers

Support your local filmmakers

Associates of Molli Benson have worked in independent film in cities across the USA. Click here to see trailers and promos of some of these projects.

Molli Benson

Specialty Acting Coach

Producer, Director, Writer, Casting Director, Former owner of Union Talent Agency, Student Films, Feature Indie Films, Cable Sitcom, Talk Show Host (For Actors Only and Movies & More), Actors Award Shows, Specialty Personal Manager

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