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were created to "Learn by Doing."

Having actors work in different environments teaches the actors to utilize all the important areas that need to be learned, using a unique style that gives the actors the ability to apply it while learning.

I believe this unconventional style will bring the actors to a level that they might not have known existed inside of them already.

Challenging the actors by taking them into "Another World of Reality."

Weekend Workshop


Many actors have some problems with working in group scenes. Not only does this eliminate that problem, but takes it a step further.


The take-off of The Big Chill will keep the actors in their roles for the complete three days and nights.


Actors are not doing memorized scenes from the film. Rather, they are understanding and living the role by using improv only.


October 16-19, 2015 

Workshop & Lodging: $275.00 (No refunds will be given if the actor withdraws.)

This workshop has space for 8 actors.


Held at a Remote Location, Far from the Outside World


For information, visit the Actors Retreat section.

Held on a Working Western Film Set



For information, visit the Western On-Location Workshop section.

Weekend Workshop


There are many things that are locked up inside an actor's body that need to be brought out. Explore what isn't working inside of you, that could be holding you back, and bring out what is.

A new outlook on who you are and the strength you have.

Two and a half days on our 60-foot houseboat on a quiet river will give you the kind of peace you need to have the freedom to find "the more you are."


Coach, Meals & Lodging: $2025
This workshop has space for 11 actors.
Date: TBA

Actors at work

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Molli Benson

Specialty Acting Coach

Producer, Director, Writer, Casting Director, Former owner of Union Talent Agency, Student Films, Feature Indie Films, Cable Sitcom, Talk Show Host (For Actors Only and Movies & More), Actors Award Shows, Specialty Personal Manager

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